Book Review: Margaret Tudor Queen of Scots

QoSOf all the Tudor children, Margaret is the I am the least familiar with. Always relegated to the shadows of her domineering brother and beautiful, but tragic sister, this feisty lightening bolt of a woman never seems to be given much thought in books about the period. In this little gem of a biography, she is finally given her due. Combining careful research with an engaging narrative style, Sarah-Beth Watkins takes the reader on a journey through the hardships and triumphs of this elusive Tudor woman.

Watkins’ thoughtful prose lends gravity to the heartbreak so prevalent in Margaret’s life. I hadn’t realized how much tragedy had befallen the queen until now. Never one to take these events lying down, Margaret’s strength endures, as evidenced by the selected excerpts of primary sources woven throughout the book. These excerpts are perfectly chosen to move the narrative forward without bogging the reader down.

The only thing that would make Margaret Tudor: Queen of Scots better is if it were longer. I so thoroughly enjoyed my time in 16th century Scotland, that I wasn’t ready for it to end. Highly recommend!

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