On November 4th, my first book Cor Rotto: A Novel of Catherine Carey, will turn 3 years old. Phew! What a wild ride it has been! To celebrate, I want to give away a signed copy to one lucky winner that can bring a big smile to my face. Earlier this week we took our son, Logan, on his own wild ride at Universal Studios…and I have to tell you, the resulting photo finish is the stuff of meme-dreams. Look at that face! I’m not very creative in that department, but I’m sure someone out there has the perfect caption. So let me see them! You can either create a meme or post a caption in the comments. It can be history/Tudor related or not, just make us laugh! On November 4th, Logan and I will look through all the submissions and choose the one we find the funniest. The winner will win a signed copy of Cor Rotto. This contest will be open until 12 am November 4th. My only request is to please keep it PG…Logan is only 8 after all, and he will be reading them. 😉 Best of luck!

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