Could Dudley Knollys have been a girl?


Oh man, I am over the moon about this new research by Dr. Kristin Bundesen and Jane Lawson.  It’s not often that we get new information on my beloved Catherine Carey Knollys, much less anything this exciting, so I was thrilled when Dr. Bundesen clued me in to her research.  The discrepencies regarding the number of Catherine’s children frustrated me to no end when I was writing Cor Rotto, so I am thrilled to finally have an answer!

Here is the link to Dr. Bundesen’s website posting

Within that post, you’ll find the link to the draft article that will be published in Notes & Queries in March.

As a personal aside, Dr. Bundesen is one of the few historians who’s research I accept without question.  Her work is impeccable and it’s clear that she regards the Knollys clan with an abiding respect and deep affection.  I look forward to reading many more discoveries she is certain to uncover about this prolific and accomplished family.

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