Announcement + A Treat!

Hey there, Readers! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything. Those of you who follow me on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter know that I’ve gone through some pretty big life changes this year…not to mention the world-wide pandemic and lock down we have all been experiencing…but I digress! Nevertheless, a lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes. As I’ve talked about in the past, my publisher has been putting together my very first audiobook! The Raven’s Widow will be hitting retailers soon and I am certain you’re going to love it! My very dear friend, Breeanna Judy (a bonafide Hollywood starlet!), has done a beautiful job bringing my beloved Lady Rochford to life. We had such fun during our recording sessions and we are both so looking forward to sharing the final product with you. Since there are no extant portraits of Jane Boleyn, Breeanna served as my model whenever I pictured her during the writing of the novel, so it’s really wonderful she was able to give her voice as well. It was heartrending and surreal hearing my words come from her lips. Bree and I go all the way back to our early teenage years and neither of us could have ever expected to find ourselves in the entertainment world – both of us behind the screens: television and movie in her case, laptop in mine! The audio is in the final stages of being uploaded to retail sites and, as soon as it is available, you all will be the first to know.

Breeanna Judy

In keeping with the spirit of an audio release, I wanted to give you a little something to listen to in the meantime. I’ve always believed in the power of music and have often felt its influence on the creation of my novels. I find that I tend to listen to the same songs over and over while I am working on a book; the lyrics and harmonies forming a sort of synergy with the world I am creating. To that end, I created a Spotify playlist for each novel. These curated lists contain songs I was listening to when I wrote the books. Songs that influenced me in some way or echo the themes I explored in those stories. Below, you will find the link to my playlist for The Raven’s Widow. I do hope you enjoy it. If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to know what you think! Are there any songs that remind you of the historical figures that populated the Tudor Court? Sound off in the comments below.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on where and when you can buy The Raven’s Widow on audiobook!

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